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NSW Backbutt

  • January 2011
  • Supply & Install
  • Remarks

NSW Blackbutt - 130mm x 14mm, Solid T&G, Select grade.
VBS to slab, ply sub-base, direct-stick/secret nail timber sand, seal & coat. This native aussie timber is a strong performer with a Janka rating of 9.5. Fresh appeal throughout the house and goes with any style interior decor.


  • October 2010
  • Supply & Install
  • Remarks

Kempas - 105mm x 12mm, Solid T&G, Standard & Better grade.
VBS to slab, direct-stick timber, sand, seal and coat with polyurethane.
Kempas is a rich, tropical hardwood great for a period look or modern interior with a sophisticated edge. It has a medium Janka rating of 7.5.

Solid Bamboo - Vertical cut

  • October 2010
  • Supply & Install
  • Remarks

Natural Bamboo - 96mm x 15mm, Solid Prefinished, Vertical Cut.
VBS to slab, direct-stick Bamboo, no sanding or caoting required.
One of the most renewable materials available, solid bamboo is robust, stable and can be sanded and recoated just like timber, lasts years.

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