Solid Timber - Direct-Stick

Method 1 - Direct-Stick to Slab:

The slab surface and level must be checked for condition and consistency - a variation of 3mm per 3m radius is permissable. A moisture membrane is then applied as an epoxy VBS - Vapour Barrier System to provide a breathable sealant for the slab and a keying surface to the timber adhesive. The Direct Stick Adhesive is applied next by a notched trowel to the sealed slab, onto which the timber flooring is then assembled with tonge and groove edges intersecting. Adhesive foams on contact in order to maximise surface contact between timber and floor.

Method 2 - Plank on Ply (illustrated):

The slab condition is checked as above. A VBS or PVC moisture barrier is them applied as above.
Next, a layer of 9 or 12mm Plywood is then anchored to the slab onto which the standard direct-stick process is applied. The addition of Plywood enables wide timber boards to be accommodated with the addition of secret nailing for control while the adhesive cures. This approach improves the stability of the floor board and minimises potential movement.

Sanding and Finishing:

Following either of the laying techniques above, the new timber floor is then sanded smooth with varying grades of abrasive and sealed with a high-build timber sealer to stabalise the surface fibres. After one more fine-grade sand, a coating of your choice is applied by mohair roller to provide years of high durability and wear resistance. Coatings vary from solvent-based to water-based polyurethanes, to waxes and oils, all in varying sheens - high gloss, semi gloss, satin or matt. The final colour outcome is subject to the type of coating used.

Potential Benefits & Maintenance:

• Uniqueness of real solid timber enhances the value and saleability of your property.
• Quieter than floating floors, warmer than tile.
• Resandable surface enables complete renewal after long periods of wear.
• Very long lasting with an average of 60 yearsof life in 12mm timber thicknesses.
• Range of coatings and finishes available - high wear resistance.
• Wide range of beautiful timber species available, high in character and aesthetic impact.
• Easy to clean – dust-down and damp mop only.May help reduce airborne allergens.

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